Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

get me behind it

i am overwhelmed by...

~real estate
~messy apartment
~inability to stop mutilating my cuticles
~unfinished work
~all the books i will never read

i want to...
~watch the wire
~call molly and talk about all the things we want to do this weekend

i need to...
~prep everything for my webinar
~clean the kitchen
~clean the rest of the apartment
~stop posting lame-ass lists on my blog

the plan:
1) clean up the kitchen
2) have a tall glass of water
3) upload new images and add to webinar
4) add r*nfrew logo to last slide
5) test for time
6) run through slides
7) print out notes and bibliography
8) copy presentation to flash drive
9) get naked
10) fall in love with omar

AND... between each step, i will put away 3 items from my study/sty.

here you go, zo...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

i have nothing to say

and i am saying it

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

yes please

healed from last sunday's cake trauma by bringing lots of cookies to work and having them enthusiastically and graciously received by everyone. ruth, especially. i felt really validated by her, around the cookies and also the family weekend concerns. so good to be able to put words to something that felt vaguely but piercingly wrong and then be supported by my coworkers and heard by the powers that be. so today went a lot better than i would have guessed by how rotten i felt this morning.

speaking of vegan baked goods, i came across this site while perusing the awesome room at the post punk kitchen yesterday. whadaya say, mol? wanna recreate some childhood photos next weekend?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

'cross rome the mystic elements unfold

"langdon fought to focus his thoughts, but the situation was too bizarre to grasp rationally. six hours ago he had been sound asleep in cambridge. now he was in europe, caught up in a surreal battle of ancient titans, packing a semiautomatic in his harris tweed, and holding hands with a woman he had only just met."

spent the rest of my weekend reading my fancy illustrated edition of angels & demons, then went to see it all happen at the narberth theatre. the book was pretty fun and i have to say, i learned a lot about the catholic church, renaissance art, scientific developments and added to my knowledge of illuminati lore. the movie was a total let-down. howard changed some major plot points and i just don't feel like tom hanks' heart was in it. still, it was incredibly cool to see all those mystical death scenes taking place in actual roman churches. i really want to go to rome now. ooh, maybe i'll take the official angels & demons tour!

"the ecstasy of st. theresa" by bernini, featured in the story as part of the "path of illumination."

Friday, May 15, 2009

and if this is not your lot, may the blessings find you in your solitude

friday: collapsed after work. woke up, had really comforting conversation with molly till wee hours. read angels & demons. or possibly downloaded that episode of the l word where everyone goes to the gay pride parade and jenny recovers a traumatic memory in an s&m dungeon. can't remember which.

saturday: a beautiful day. cleo to the vet, me for a long bike ride through the wissahickon. finally found the entrance to that trail you can see off lincoln drive. take bike path from intersection of main street and ridge avenue in manayunk. follow through winding wooded path, around stony cliffs, over hills and foot bridges, land on forbidden drive. i managed to get all the way to r*nfrew before i had to call for reinforcement. luca picked me up on umbria. later to the st. denis fair for spinning rides and nausea.

sunday: baking in the morning, then to pick up my grandmother in marlboro and drive to franklin lakes for mother's day celebration. lots of chatter, performance, interruption, unwanted gifts and flagrant insincerity.

monday: an attempt at painting a cluster of azaleas a la georgia o'keefe. the wire. sleep.

tuesday: the hour my countdown counted down to. lenya and i took deep breaths and held each others hands as mr. leonard cohen began his concert at the academy with "dance me to the end of love." three hours of transcendence followed. he was elegant and ancient, a crypt keeper, spellbinding us mortals with tender visions of apocalyptic beauty. my favorite moment:

wednesday: a party for rhoni at "casablanca" in gladwyne. i actually felt envy. this house had a massive art collection including outdoor sculptures, an indoor pool, a tennis court, an exercise room, a game room (sadly, no arkanoid), terraces everywhere, a bathroom that had rooms - and the owners have taste! taste and money. it kills me.

thursday: self-injury orientation. borders in chestnut hill did not have new buffy comic. got art in america instead. still from new film by marina abramovic on cover. made spanikopita for dinner.

friday: so much in need of sleep and care. luca concert #2 tonight.

tomorrow: land art workshop. process continues.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

zsolt bodoni

came across a phenomenal young artist from transylvania this morning, whose work, as jeanne moreau would say, gives me goose flesh.

the feel of his paintings... weary, searching, chilly... like looking through an old cloudy window - everything present but emotionally inaccessible. as a viewer i feel suspended, just above ground level, like a ghost in places that refuse to recognize that they too are dead. their time has passed and yet they go on. these places do not feel empty or abandoned. we see light in windows, pollutants rising up from active factories, moving trains. but this movement makes the experience that much more haunting. wide expanses feel claustrophobic, boundaries are indistinct. the view seems always from the outside, a homeless perspective. or perhaps, a last look at places we are moving on from. the images contain these indelible impressions, fixing them so that the moment may never pass. at the same time, one can always turn away from a painting, so the terrible, piercing feeling of dread can rest in its frame.

he says, "everything which touches me stays in my mind until i paint it out."

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

for luca

Cancer Of Everything - Lisa Germano

I won't settle down, I can't settle down
I won't cut it out, I won't quit
I'm not trying hard, I'm not getting well
I'm not improving, I won't do anything
This is a happy song
'Cause I want cancer of everything, yeah right
And if I fall down in a mess of scars, I get attention
Cancer of everything
I won't grow up, I can't grow up
I must feel sick, I'm sure you do
I'm not trying hard, I'm not sleeping well
I'm not growing, I won't do anything
This isn't good for me
But you just wait and see how much attention I get
Oh, I got cancer of everything
It sure works for me
So this is a happy song
And nobody seems to care
And my shit is everywhere
Too much of this too much of that
Surround yourself with yourself
Get some attention
And if fall down in a mess of scars, well I don't know
You could leave me alone
I got Cancer of everything
Yeah, I don't feel so good

Sunday, May 3, 2009

am i not young and fair?

happy belated beltane!

the wicker man is pure joy. i see absolutely no reason why the unedited version of this song and dance shouldn't be permitted on youtube.

Friday, May 1, 2009

i found my dream home and it's in... gloucestershire?

my mom's realtor may be "brusque, abrasive and arrogant", but she knew from arthur's round table, the incredible european hamlet in northside wynnewood that i discovered while geocaching last spring: "...[it']s a little cotswold village replica of the one the builder lived in when in england. it was recreated on the tract of land exactly as it was there."

the builder was donald m. love. he created the tudor village with his brother s. arnold love to evoke "old england". after digging through some material online, i came across this area in bibury called arlington row. while probably not love's original inspiration, i am smitten. the cottages were apparently built in 1380 as a "monastic wool store", then converted into "weavers' cottages" in the 17th century.

luca, do you think the commute from bibury to havertown is unmanagable?