Saturday, June 27, 2009

she's preparing a great abundance of food

up before 5, worried about all the food i have to prepare today, watching michael jackson moonwalk on youtube.

i've been struck by how many times the word perfectionist has come up in broadcasts about his life and work. at r*nfrew, perfectionism is like a dirty word. it's this thing that holds you back from trying anything that you aren't "the best" at. much work in therapy is aimed at dismantling the need to be "perfect." but this is a different sort of drive. the kind of perfectionism that interests me is the practice of engaging with a craft on the highest level of discipline. granted, without talent and patience, perfectionism can indeed be a demon. but it's been really refreshing to hear this word used in a positive way. because, damn... that moonwalk...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

michael jackson died on my 30th birthday

luca and i were at horizons waiting for our mojitos to arrive when we overheard a girl at the next table mention something about michael jackson being dead. naturally, neither of us thought anything of it. there was no way michael jackson was dead. then after dinner we were strolling down south street, noticing that an unusual number of cars were driving past with open windows listening to "the way you make me feel." we immediately checked the news on luca's iphone and our hearts sank. it was true. what a bright star to lose on this june 25th. my love and prayers to michael jackson's friends, family and fans as the world celebrates his extraordinary life and spirit. you will always be remembered with joy.


july 10th. who's with me?

we was once two sistas of the same kind

molly, i know you won't be there with me on saturday night and that's ok. perhaps tupac can help you understand how i feel.

I Aint Mad At Cha - 2Pac

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

wet hair and popsicles

swim, swim little ones! warm up my pool with your bodies like hot ice cubes.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


i actually saw lisa being interviewed for this piece on my way home from work on friday. save the toadlets!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

tinbad the tailor

went to my first bloomsday celebration this evening over at the rosenbach museum. it was wild. we came for the last hour and a half of readings, but the real standouts were at the end. before the glorious finale of molly bloom's soliloquy, read by phildelphia's own drucie mcdaniel, these two blind poets named david and daniel simpson took the stage and gave a killer reading from the end of ithaca. i couldn't believe that these deeply personal and sexually explicit passages were just being read out and amplified before a rapt audience in the middle of a philly block! i plan to attend bloomsday readings every year. and hopefully one of those years i will attend having actually read ulysses.

then, if i wasn't feeling good enough when i got home, i received an email from our wedding photographer telling us that our wedding is going to be featured in the fall/winter issue of philadelphia brides magazine! hell yeah. sometimes i feel like my heart is breaking, and other times it's like all the flowers i ever planted are blooming at once.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

dear gina

after receiving these really hostile and condescending emails from this realtor that my mom recommended, i finally decided to address the problem head-on.


Hi Gina. It seems that whenever we ask you to show us properties, you remind us of how busy you are and how difficult it is to get appointments on short notice. We are not in a hurry. If you are too busy to meet with us, please let us know. If you are still able to see us Monday at 5, we would like to see 217 Edgehill (I went to the open house today and I would like Luca to see it), 106 Sabine Ave. and 2709 Belmont. We can meet you at any of those properties.

Thank you,

her reply:


Please understand that I am not a typical Realtor who has no or little business and sits around waiting for the phone to ring. I saw the listing on Stoneway on Friday, sent it to you immediately, and sent you an email on Saturday asking you to tell me if you had any time in your schedule this weekend so I could rearrange my appointments to see you. I did not hear from you until your email received late this afternoon (Sunday).

I always try to accomodate you when you call me at the last minute about a house you want to see. So, I'm confused by your reminder of how busy I am. I AM busy and I would have tried to accomodate you today had you asked me to. I'm glad to went to see the Edgehill house again. Did you now remember having seen it that day with me ? Luca was with us when we saw it the first time...

I offered Monday at 5:00 because I have that 5-6:30pm time available. I will meet you at the Edgehill property at 5:00. Then we'll go to Sabine and Belmont. Do you have any interest in the Stoneway Lane house ? Let me know as early as possible on Monday so we can schedule appointments. Still waiting for feedback on Bryn Mawr Ave twin we saw last week.

See you tomorrow...

dot dot dot, indeed. we're done with gina. i think we might be done with house hunting, too. who wants to own a house anyway? and just for the record, she never showed us the house on edgehill.

Friday, June 12, 2009

you make a difference

i have achieved one of my life's goals. every month a couple of r*nfrew employees are selected for "you make a difference." a little write-up is emailed to the entire staff (including all 10 sites) and the recipient receives a special lanyard for his or her name badge. ever since i learned of this tradition in 2005 i have secretly yearned for the honor. well, my dear readers, it is done. i have made a difference. now, with my eric cartman-like ego, i was kind of hoping the write-up would read something like this:

zoe brasi is the greatest art therapist that ever lived. she is a masterful clinician, a brilliant presenter, a curator with a keen eye for detail and a joy to have in team meetings, where she dazzles even the more seasoned therapists with her remarkable insight. she's also beautiful, stylish and totally not fat.

the actual write-up was slightly less effusive, but does manage to incorporate the words "inspiring", "vital" and "vibrant". (molly, i'm sure my comma use was wrong there - does the comma always go inside the quotation marks, even if it's just a list of adjectives?) anyway, without further ado:

Zoe Brasi is a Creative Arts Therapist at the Spr*ng Lane site. She has repeatedly developed new programs to meet her client’s needs and communicates a deep respect for the experience of the patient. Her enthusiasm is inspiring to everyone who works with her. Zoe has made art therapy a vital and vibrant part of R*nfrew.

slap my hand, bitches!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

happy anniversary miguel and percy

miguel got quarantined in china! read about it here!

Monday, June 8, 2009

da da da

enjoyed my nap at the ritz the other night.

now go watch this. uh huh.

a haunting world of crumbling cellblocks

visited the eastern state penitentiary with my parents on saturday, after a pleasant lunch at mugshots. i loved pretending i was laurie beck and photographing the dilapidated cells. i found the aesthetic of broken down stone, plaster, brick and metal very beautiful, and the audio guide enriched the spacial experience with stories about jewish life at the prison, sexuality, riots and escape routes. some of the art installations were still in place from the last time i visited, but there were some excellent new ones as well.

one guy installed an exact replica of a gitmo cell inside one of the cells there.

two women shot time lapse photos of light moving through various corners and corridors, then screened the truly gorgeous and haunting footage through little cut-out windows that you have to peer into.

another artist created a confession room, where visitors write down illegal things they have done. the confessionals are then posted for all to read. this was entertaining (one kid wrote that he shredded $250 worth of his brother's pokemon cards), as well as thought provoking. not only did it draw attention to the blurred lines between inmates and "regular people", but also spoke to the quaker philosophy of the penitentiary's origins - the hope was that in silence and isolation, the prisoners could reflect on their choices and repent for their sins. i learned that before eastern state, the idea of imprisoning criminals as a form of punishment was unheard of.

a german artist installed televisions streaming with clips from various prison movies and dramas in specific locations - a cell, the shower room, a corridor. she wanted to address the idea that for those of us outside of the prison system, our ideas about what they are like are informed by movies and prison dramas. so you sit in the cell and watch scene after scene of people being locked in cells. the shower scenes were pretty funny.

last time i went to the penitentiary, there were tons of these "ghost cats" all over the place. now there's just a few. these refer to the colony of cats that lived on the grounds after the prison shut down.

this was a really cool installation about the continued disintegration of the space (some plaster even fell on my mom's head at one point), but also seemed to speak of confinement and emotional disintegration.

Friday, June 5, 2009

interview project

june 1st was a great day not only because it was molly's birthday, but also because david lynch premiered his new interview project on his website presents. he airs a new episode every 3 days. each one features an interview with a different subject found during the crew's 70 day road trip across america. i've watched the first two and they were very enjoyable. i like his use of music, the kinds of questions that are asked and the road shots. here is lynch's trailer of sorts:

i love how he says "they're going to meet hundreds of people!"

david lynch is also a committed practitioner and advocate of transcendental meditation. as we know from stevie wonder, transcendental meditation speaks of inner preservation (peace of mind!). bryn and i are looking to learn it. any of my readers have experience with it?

Monday, June 1, 2009

i'll be your mirror

happy birthday molly!!! with love from the gay community,

here is a song for you:

and a special video for your eyes only.

i love you always.

your zoe

can i get a shout out for molly?!