Monday, May 31, 2010

it's time

dear blog,

on the day that marina abramovic concluded her epic performance at the moma, on the day that louise bourgeois died, on the day that may in fact be cleo's last, i will finish my persona drawing. it is 7:49pm. no matter how long it takes, i will finish it and post a picture when i am done.


ps. i don't think it's done, but for the life of me i can't seem to make liv ullmann not look possessed.

control: r, click

i should be at the moma today. marina's last day, people sleeping on the street for one last chance at sitting with her, and i am blogging at work. my lame-ass dell computer can't even pick up the streaming video, so i went home at lunch time to make luca a daiya grilled cheese in the sandwich maker and compulsively refresh the live feed. at 5 she'll be done and everyone will applaud and i won't be there to see if she bows or collapses or what. at least i had the good sense to email nina over at a flower every day, who invited me to submit 75 words about my experience of sitting with marina, to be included in a collective gift that paco will present to her. this was the best i could do:

so nervous to sit across from you. i didn't know what i would feel. you lifted your head to make eye contact. i was startled by the kindness i felt from you. you were so encouraging. i was amazed by the task you had devoted yourself to and felt so lucky to be there. you gave your time to me. what an incredible gift. you are a healer, marina, and you have touched me deeply.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

concrete jungle where dreams are made of

yep, zoe spent a splendiferous day in new york yesterday. we arrived just as the rain had cleared and i made my way to sun in bloom, a relatively new organic vegan place on bergen street (review to come!). while luca got his locks groomed, i drank brazil nut milk and read the last 15% of the girl with the dragon tattoo on his kindle. i love reading on a kindle! the only unfortunate thing is that onlookers cannot see what you are reading and make assumptions about you. i really enjoyed the first installment of stieg larsson's trilogy. i kept wanting to be closer to the story though. like his prose wasn't enough. even with great images of lisbeth salander and mikael blomkvist from the film in my head, i still wanted more. i kind of wanted to eat the book. or make out with it. maybe that's how people feel when they read detective novels? i'm not sure. i just can't wait to read the trial scene in the third book.

took a stroll up to the community bookstore where i came across this adorable beast, then met up with luca to check out the african festival at bam. we perused the vendors' goods for an hour or so (hardly any batiks this year!), and got our tickets to dance africa. i had thought this was going to be a street performance, but it turns out it was a huge extravaganza on the main stage and good seats cost over $40. all in all, i'd say it was worth it, if only for the last troupe illstyle & peace productions. they are a philly-based collective and they totally brought the house down. the group was comprised of a dozen some able-bodied young men with funky style, grace, intense athleticism and mind-boggling endurance. one guy during his solo actually walked up and down the steps to the stage on his hands. another guy slid across the floor on his head! the original dance africa dancers sitting in the front row were going crazy for them. the show ended with message of love and peace for everybody. "ago? ame!"

art by ramona candy

the next step was one of those killer maple lattes from gorilla coffee and a drive up to the west village. a wonderful, nostalgic dinner at red bamboo (review to come!), an hour of people watching in washington square park and over to the ifc to check out "the human centipede." one of the things i love about visiting new york city is keeping an eye for spotting familiar faces. like when luca and i saw cinemaniacs back in the day, we went to movies with a mission of encountering one of those lunatics in person. and we did! we saw roberta at film forum and bill at a fassbinder festival at bam. sometimes when i'm in the city i look for former patients. yesterday it was all about spotting those abramovic sitters whose faces i have been studying for days. and who walks into our tiny theater but andres serrano!

i kept glancing over at him during the screening, fascinated that his expression did not change one iota as we watched scenes of people being surgically connected from mouth to anus. i guess it shouldn't be too surprising, given his body of work, that he's nonplussed by bodily fluids in unusual combinations. still, i found some scenes pretty high up on the grody-meter. unfortunately, the film as a whole was schlocky and unpleasant. i don't think the centipede was a metaphor for anything - just a juvenile attempt at gross-out humor. the scientist was so one-dimensional he made dr. phibes look like hamlet. but it was fun nonetheless. such a beautiful night outside cinema walls. on the way home i fell asleep listening to jim norton read ulysses and finally, opened the car door to the scent of roses in the midnight air.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

on being a part of art history

photographer marco anelli has been taking portraits of everyone who sits with marina abramovic at the moma. it is a really beautiful body of work that complements marina's piece very well. underneath each person's face it says how long they sat for. here's my portrait:

also, if you're looking to kill a few good hours, scroll through the portraits with an eye for celebrity spotting! you'll be sure to find bjork, marissa tomei, isabelle huppert, lou reed, isabella rossellini, james franco and many more. kim cattrall was there the morning i went.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

samara becomes a bat mitzvah

doesn't she look fabulous carrying a torah?!

samara goes to the apple store immediately following reception to buy an ipad:

Thursday, May 20, 2010

the sun shines for me today

yesterday i made my pilgrimage to new york and sat across from marina abramovic. on the bus ride home i finished ulysses. i'd say it was a very good day.

Friday, May 14, 2010


this guy's technique is off the charts! i may just have to stop by the mike weiss gallery this month to see these painterly revelations in person. more incentive to take off work next wednesday, head to new york and face my fear of sitting across from marina abramovic. how in god's name does boog do it?!

i mean, look at the skin around the eye!!?!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

anti-fracking puppetshow & parade 5/15!

fracking is not just a clever expletive from battlestar galactica, it's an environmentally devastating practice of creating and maintaining fractures in rock formations to enhance oil and natural gas collection. consequently, the chemicals used to produce these fissures are contaminating the water supply, destroying wildlife and causing human health problems. come to artists for animals event this saturday to learn all about it and find out what you can do to help!

click on flyer to enlarge:

i'll be there selling vegan goodies, so be sure to stop by the concession stand!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

razor sharp

ask luca who he's wearing and he will tell you: valentino couture.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

top ten films of 1982

1) fanny and alexander
2) fitzcarraldo
3) basket case
4) the atomic cafe
5) tenebre
6) liquid sky
7) pieces
8) cat people
9) raw force
10) the new york ripper

top ten films of 1983

1) the ballad of narayama
2) videodrome
3) trading places
4) l'argent
5) the dead zone
6) a christmas story
7) zelig
8) a nos amours
9) monty python: the meaning of life
10) risky business