Friday, December 24, 2010

winter wonderland

although it feels like i have not been doing much of anything lately - probably because of my massive, never-ending to-do list - i have actually finished all the harry potter books (heil j.k. rowling!), painted samara's furniture and set up everything in her room except for her desk and a floating shelf for her mj dolls, started clearing out the garage, completed all of my work-related obligations like participating in that body image panel and presenting at the conference, got my review of that louise bourgeois film published and even finished the painting that joan commissioned back in the spring:

now it is christmas eve. luca and samara are watching home alone downstairs and i am getting ready to conk out. there is a taste of hint-o-mint newman-o's in my mouth, my back is aching a little from the weight of my rapidly expanding belly and there are plenty of presents under the little tree in the living room. tomorrow i plan on watching more christmas movies, cooking, drinking hot chocolate and enjoying a day of rest and celebration. next year this time my little cub will be 8 months old.

with fingertips of rose

favorite phrases and passages from the odyssey:

clear lustral water in a bowl quivering with fresh-cut flowers

i'll send you on your way with gifts... so that all your days, tipping the red wine for the deathless gods, you will remember me

here is the flower of life, it seems to me!

a boy whose lip was downy in the first bloom of manhood

by night our ship ran onward toward the ocean's bourne, the realm and region of the men of winter, hidden in mist and cloud

listen with care to this, now, and a god will arm your mind

there is no fighting her, no power can fight her, all that avails is flight

our minds are as the days are, dark or bright

here now again he lay, waiting for dawn, while in the great hall by athena's side, odysseus waited with his mind on slaughter

o lost sad men, what terror is this you suffer? night shrouds you to the knees, your heads, your faces; dry retch of death runs round like fire in sticks; your cheeks are streaming; these fair walls and pedestals are dripping with crimson blood.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the circle of life

i've had my spider plant for about 2 and a half years now, so i figured if it hadn't sprouted any baby spiders by now it was either a boy plant or not in a fertile way. but then she surprised me a couple months ago and produced these two little things:

i planted them in smaller pots and plan to cut their cords when they are strong enough to continue growing on their own.

here is my little baby spider around 22 weeks along:

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

harry potter has taken over my life

i wake up early with the intention of exercising and practicing yoga. i see my kindle tucked away in its little pouch on my night table. i pick it up - "i'll just read a chapter before i exercise..." the next thing you know it's time to get ready for work.

at work my group ends. the studio needs to be cleaned up and i need to write notes. "i'll just read a chapter before i do those things..." then it's time for the next group. rinse and repeat.

in the evening i entertain very productive plans - i'll finish ordering all my christmas presents. i'll clean up all my stuff from the dining room. i'll work on the painting for joan that i told her would be done this month. i'll start clearing out the garage. and yet again, harry potter calls. (unless dexter calls first...)

perhaps i should just resign myself to accomplishing absolutely nothing until i'm finished the series. right now i'm midway through book 6, so this life should come to an end in about a week and a half.

it is happening, again. it is happening, again.