Thursday, April 7, 2011

5 days: stress strikes again!

but never mind that, here is some environmentalist art. not sure these artists would necessarily want their work to be identified that way, but it's all about landscape in the age of over-consumption.

here are some works by master photographer edward burtynsky:

he really understands the color red.

this is chris jordan's stuff:

he also did a performance piece where he burned all of his possessions.

these are ha schult's trash people:

Monday, April 4, 2011

8 days: cherry blossoms and bloody show

feeling so much better since my last post. the furniture was delivered, the nursery is nearly set up, the weather is nice, i've slept through the night for a few nights now, i've received some wonderful gifts for little otik, i get hugs from patients everyday in anticipation that it might be my last and this morning my body presented me with a little sign of impending labor. i've informed little otik that when ever s/he is ready, it's ok to come out. the work on the basement isn't done, but i'm not too concerned about it. i just can't wait to see how the next week unfolds.