Thursday, July 28, 2011

bird by bird

it's 9:35pm. a little time to work on house stuff before indulging in chocolate hemp milk (seriously the best chocolate milk there is) and james franco.

1) change the laundry and finish cleaning up the kitchen.

done. obligatory adorable picture of nolan:

2) select several things from the dining room to organize/put away.

hmm, went through a few things, but my to do list just gets longer and longer. that's why i take it bird by bird. and post another pic of the cub:

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

tonight's awful checklist

tonight's awful checklist is going to require some playful arranging. because the contractor who created our kitchen used crap tubing on the ice-maker, the cap popped off on thursday night causing a flood in our kitchen. because there was a flood in our kitchen, water poured down into the garage and the side of the dining room adjacent to the kitchen. because all of these areas got soaking wet, our insurance company sent people over to tear out the kitchen floor and part of the ceiling in the garage and set up dryers and de-humidifiers that are loud and heat-producing. because they had to tear out the floor, we have to get a new contractor to make a new floor for us and repair the cabinets. because the garage is still drying out, all of the items in the garage that were not destroyed got put into my art studio, which i had just about finished setting up. because i have a patient coming for a session tomorrow night, i am once again trying desperately to set up my studio. the rug is smelly, the art table is missing pieces of hardware and there are random things like toddler car seats, little christmas trees and boxes of tools and loose cds all over the place.

my mission is this: set a goal for myself and then post a cute picture of nolan on my blog. when i am done everything that i set out to do, i will have some peanut butter with chocolate chips (or chocolate chip, as the heat from the dryers in the kitchen melted them into one big chip which is chilling in the fridge), and a glass of vanilla rice milk. i am not a happy camper.

1) finish assembling the art table. listen to amy winehouse while doing so.

9:34pm disaster! i noticed last night that there were 2 angle brackets missing from the hardware that came with the table, so i stopped by killian's after work to get additional ones but they are not the same!! this means that i am at stuck on step 14 out of 26 until i get the proper hardware from the manufacturer. this means i have no art table for my patient tomorrow night. this is just terrible. what i want: to break something and scream expletives. what i need: to keep going. here is an early picture of luca carrying nolan in the moby wrap:

2) put everything that doesn't belong in the studio in either the garage or some other unseen place. listen to gesualdo while doing so.

10:02pm done. not too bad. here is another early picture of cousin aly holding nolan. so sweet how he is touching her heart:

3) clear out everything from around the stairs so it looks neat and tidy. listen to michael jackson while doing so.

10:34pm did as much as i can possibly do tonight. there's still some crap that i can't currently fit into the garage and the whole floor is in major need of a sweep, but michael helped, luca helped and i'm thinking there's a very small chance that i can actually finish putting the table together tomorrow after work. it just means less time with sweet sweet nolan:

keep the faith!