Tuesday, November 15, 2011

ben wilson

this artist paints on little dried wads of gum, ground into the sidewalks of muswell hill and the surrounding areas. he has done over 10,000 of them. he even accommodates special requests for his gum paintings, such as birth and death commemoratives. wilson says this of his work:

Kids are not allowed to feel any connection with where they live... They can't play in the streets because they are likely to get run over; then you have the national curriculum, and all this testing at school, and no opportunity to play or to make things, and everything you do outside is recorded on surveillance cameras. The only imagery that children see around them are billboards and TV; every part of their environment is out of bounds or sold off. That's why they don't care about their streets. This is a small way of connecting people.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

a notably bleak chronicler of the human condition

i've always been confused about francis bacon and i finally realized why - there are 2 of them! there is the francis bacon from the 16th/17th century who came up with the scientific method and may have in fact been shakespeare, and then there is the francis bacon who painted this:

this painting has done my brain in. wow wow wow.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


even better than learning about artists through adbusters is learning about them through patients! this week g. mentioned andrea mantegna. check out this astounding piece from 1490:

lamentation of the dead christ indeed! what an astonishing painting.

here is his st. sebastian:

samson and delilah in a rather post-apocalyptic color pallette:

and his madonna and child:

seeing this makes me wonder what motherhood was like for mary, if indeed there was such a woman. she was a single mother, which is interesting, since she is the most famous and celebrated mother. jesus' legs look a little like nolan's legs here. same goes for his hands. i love the feel of nolan's little arms around my neck. that expression, however, is not familiar to me. most of the depictions of baby jesus that i have seen do not look very babyish at all. the expressions of the faces in the background, however, are hysterical.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

maurizio cattelan


thanksgiving weekend, here we come! this will be a great first museum visit for the little bear.