Wednesday, December 21, 2011

no kisses for the beast

it's coming on new year's and once again i find myself thinking about the idea of resolutions. last year i felt keenly aware that i never keep new year's resolutions so i decided to just not make any. take the barbara covet approach: no change necessary. this year it feels more like no change possible. it's always the same. my pathetic struggles - to stop biting my cuticles. to eat well, meaning less sugar, more mindfulness, no swinging between overeating and following rigid, restrictive meal plans. keep my house clean and organized. then throw on top of that my wish to stretch and become very flexible, to floss every night and to spend more time reading and doing art.

i just don't understand how to implement these changes in my life in a lasting way. i can do it for a few days, weeks even, but then i just revert back to old patterns of behavior and then feel bad about myself. that's all. i simply do not know how to change. and i don't know if it's realistic to think i can. the beast that picks and slurps sweets and makes a disgusting mess of everything does not want to be tamed and refuses to submit to my demands.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

stephanie seymour

everyone remember stephanie seymour from that guns n' roses video? sure you do!

the sculpture below was one of the many pieces included in the maurizio cattelan exhibit at the guggenheim. it turns out that seymour's husband peter brant is a major art collector. he commissioned this portrait of his wife, which cattelan created in the style of a mounted deer and subtitled the piece "trophy wife." ha.

turns out this is only one of many portraits that grant has commissioned of seymour. the artists can do whatever kind of portrait they like. check out this list of those who have participated in the project:

Francesco Clemente
Julian Schnabel
David Salle
Eric Fischl
George Condo
Thomas Ruff
Maurizio Cattelan
Kenny Scharf
Piotr Uklanski
Enoc Perez
Jeff Koons
Urs Fischer
Karen Kilimnik

when the collection is complete, all the pieces will be exhibited. if i were a billionaire i hope i would use my money is such a fabulously narcissistic way.