Wednesday, June 27, 2012

my house

i was highly perturbed because there was something nasty under the floor beneath the night table on my side of the bed. i wasn't sure what it was but i had to get rid of it. i began to dig at it and found an unending bevy of scarab beatles, small squirming snakes and other creepy crawlies. i was disgusted, trying to kill them. i stabbed at the beatles repeatedly. they bled. i killed a couple of them but there were so many and they seemed to be clustered around something i couldn't see. it was as if there was a whole room underneathe and i couldn't get at the source of all this revolting business. then it appeared to me as a conspiracy. i tried to tap a phone number that was connected to the room and would reveal to me who was behind this. i was onto something but then i discovered other levels to the house. i walked down a hallway in the basement with many rooms, astonished that all of this was part of my house. all the rooms were white, with thick plaster walls and most rooms contained a single painting of an animal, rendered in thick brushstrokes. these were rachel b.'s paintings. she had lived there before. there was more still to uncover. an even lower level, with wooden floors, half formed. there, a girl was waiting - grown, but with a child's affect. she said hi and told me that her father would be home soon. part of the house was open to the outside, as if some of it hadn't been built. across a body of water i could see a terrace that was also part of the house. i was brimming with ideas for how i would like to use these new spaces and marveling at the vast contents of my house.