Sunday, September 16, 2012


all energy focused on trauma presentation, except when at work or with nolan or at the itty bitty end of the day when i watch about 5 minutes of 'lost' before falling asleep.

my mission:

1) combat section
2) crisis section
3) j. section
4) go through hand written notes
5) go through articles
6) copy passage from enneagram book and add to bibliography
7) passages from eating problems and add to bibliography
8) talk to ani and complete political torture section
9) copy safety dome stuff
10) get article from elaine (will do tomorrow)
11) prepare scenarios/copy molly image
12) read 3 other trauma articles (not gonna happen)
13) assemble handouts/biblio and copy (will do tomorrow)
14) gather grounding stones, cards and envelopes (will do tomorrow)
15) additional reading (not gonna happen)
16) find out about train times/where to go (will do tomorrow)