Tuesday, October 22, 2013

puer aeturnus and the suicidal urge

from dustin eaton, c/o perpetual adolescence:

"...the ultimate irony is that a few months before cobain's death, he had recorded his most critically acclaimed album with nirvana, the haunting live performance known as 'nirvana: unplugged in new york.' during this acoustic set, cobain proved to everyone the depth of both his talent and his pain. during one cover song after another, kurt's searing, gravel-strewn singing voice almost pleads with the audience for mercy, and for absolution. at last, during the final song of the set, cobain launches into a vintage blues song called 'where did you sleep last night?' the piercing howl that is unleashed during the final moments of this song is the sound of kurt cobain giving up his spirit. it is the sound of icarus crashing into the sea."
the way his eyes flash at 5:07...