Friday, January 3, 2014

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

top ten films of 2013

i only saw 17 films from 2013 in 2013... cinematic energies were focused more on kier-la janisse's house of psychotic women selections plus marathon viewings of breaking bad, the sopranos and orange is the new black and the occasional oddball download that luca thought i would enjoy. plus, proust and painting took up more of my free time than movies. that said, i adored many of the films on this list-in-progress and plan to see more in the coming months. my picks so far:

1) blue is the warmest color
2) spring breakers
3) camille claudel 1915
4) frances ha
5) the place beyond the pines
6) the great gatsby
7) moebius
8) upstream color
9) the hunger games: catching fire
10) the east

my top 2 from the year are among my favorite movie experiences of all time. films that crushed and electrified me and made me want to weep with joy that i am living in the time of abdellatif kechiche and harmony korine. camille claudel made me want to workshop at juliette binoche's feet and discover god through rimbaud and perform some time travel vindication ritual on claudel's behalf. frances ha was surprisingly delightful - i was ready to write off this director after greenberg but what a difference a lead actor makes! if you had told me last year that great gatsby directed by baz luhrmann would be #6 on my list and before midnight wouldn't even make the cut, i would have immediately unfriended you, but there it is! while the musical choices (not including lana del rey's "young and beautiful") annoyed the crap out of me, i was totally slayed by leonardo dicaprio and carey mulligan's performances. who would have thought? it's kind of embarrassing that i put a dialogue-less korean film about a guy whose mother cuts of his penis over the chilly and sorrowful metaphysical mediation that was upstream color, but in a good way. the last 2 were great mainstream numbers that offered up satisfying critiques of capitalist violence.

not on the list but strange and memorable in their own right were white reindeer, ass backward and the english teacher. 

in 2014, i aim to complete the psychotic women project.